Buster & KayCee

Buster & KayCee

Buster & KayCee are our original pair. Buster is a sable with a lot of tri-color in his background. KayCee is a sable merle and has 2 merle genes in her DNA (M Locus Genotype: mos m/M266[95]/M233[5]).

Both dogs have great dispositions and attitudes which we consider the most important feature in our dogs.

Paris & Elvira at almost 4 months

Paris & Elvira

At the this of this picture (July 1, 2019 Paris and Elvira are allmost 4 months old. When they get about 2 years we will mate them to Bandit our Blue Merle Collie. According to the 6 panel pawprints genetic tests both puppies have perfect DNA.   Whats better than that though they both have extremely good attitudes and are always happy.

We plan to start showing Paris and Elvira soon.

Doug & Bandit at the Billings Dog Show


We plan to mate Bandit to Paris and Elvira in a year and a half or so. As of this picture Bandit is just a little over 6 months old. We have started showing Bandit and he has won a few ribbons already.


Buster & KayCee's 12/16/2018 Litter

Buster & KayCee will be having a litter around the end of July 2019 or the first part of August 2019. Pics will be posted here when we get them.

KayCee and Buster's 12/16/2018 puppies @ about 2 days old.

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Puppies @ 2 Days Old

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