What’s your return policy?

We guarantee our puppies from physical defects for 1 year and will replace the puppy at our earliest convenience for death from physical defects.

It is a requirement that when you buy a puppy from Falzerano Collies that if the buyer cannot care for the puppy or no longer wishes to keep the puppy the breeders will take the puppy back along with $100.00 for expenses and come up with a new home for the puppy.

Do you ship oversees?

We haven't checked into overseas shipments yet but feel free to check. I'm sure that it is very doable. We will do whatever it takes to humanely deliver our puppies  to the buyers at the buyers expense. I once checked on delivering to Florida and the town that I wanted to deliver to I would have to put the puppy on the airplane at 9:00 in the morning and he would have been in the town in Florida by 4:30 in the afternoon for $270.00 which illustrates the fact that one should not have preconceived ideas about shipping.

Do you have customer service?

call or text (preferable to text) 605-569-1396 or douglasfalzerano@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap. Be sure to include you email in all cases.